Sharbat is an herbal drink from ancient Persia with pleasant taste and aroma

Lift your spirit with every sip.

The story of Sharbat Republic takes root in the Persian gardens of Shiraz, meanders and mixes through the Silk Road cultures, and reaches its peak right in your bottle.

Our sharbat drink has ancient origins as an elixir of life that connects mind and body through unique combinations of herbs and other exotic ingredients.

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  • Mandana Shabani, Chef and the founder of Zood Persian Restaurant

    Chia Drink: I loved the bottling, with the green being a great choice. The texture of the Chia Seeds was lovely, and I am a big fan. We both agreed that we could use a little more of the orange blossom flavor. Patrick had never tried orange blossom sharbat, but we work with it at Zood for our baklava ice cream.

    I really enjoyed the texture and the refreshing quality of the chia drink, but I was longing for more of that refreshing, beautiful aroma of the orange blossom, like summertime in Shiraz!

  • Roman Krivochenitser MD, Board certified ophthalmologist, Fitness Enthusiast

    Three out of four people who tried the drinks strongly preferred Saffron over Chia. The most common description used was its 'earthy' and mild taste. One person said it tasted like an interesting, flavored water. Overall, Saffron was more positively received than the Chia flavor.

  • Sasha Kahnamelli, Soul Cycle Instructor

    Overall, I liked them both a lot! They reminded me of home. But I preferred the Chia flavor significantly more. I thought the orange blossom was super nice and sweet, and I almost think this should be in the name somewhere.Maybe something like 'Orange Blossom Chia' so people know what it tastes like. The Saffron one had a good but very strong taste.

  • Lina Mojarrad, Optometrist

    This golden elixir was truly delightful to the palate. Upon opening the bottle, one is immediately greeted by the rich saffron aroma, which adds a luxurious touch to this sweet and floral blend, leaving a memorable impression. Its rich flavor profile, combined with saffron's anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing properties, truly sets it apart as a clear winner.

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